Transparency of the medium, truth of the model

The rockstar of the Medina. Who sings the watercolours of Casa.



Diving in the Medina

Benoît, alias Minetti, alias BEN, supported me in various watercolour projects, in particular on the Ricochet project .

Not only did he provide me with his guitar recordings (with an S because he has many guitars, including string instruments of his own making with a bass-like tone), but he also shared the stages of design and production of watercolours during our regular lunches.

To close the Ricochet project, I offered to paint his portrait under 2 conditions:

  1. that he accompany me in the Medina for half a day, so that we soak up the place;
  2. that he provide me with an original song, that I can loop while I paint.

One morning in the Medina


Two triangles


To integrate a foot figure, so vertically, I chose a radical composition:

  • A single vanishing point, located on the right at the top of the painting. Easy to locate, follow the neck of the guitar;
  • A light source placed in symmetry, so that the shadows lengthen in the direction of the vanishing point.

This results in a construction in two triangles. The delimitation is a 45 degree oblique, in line with the portrait American .

The triangles are of opposite values: one white, the other black. They have contrasting areas:

  • the woman's head and silhouette for the dark part;
  • Benoît’s shadow for the light part.