Day by day, year after year

Along with watercolors, but in continuation of digital drawing, there is animation.

My first tests before a full article about animation.

I am studying animation since May 2015. In After Effects, animation is fast and does not require much techniques. With a good tutorial, it is a few hours work.

On this link, a video made in about 3 hours, including tutorial. Thanks to Mattrunks and his tutos, free for many of them, and all excellent.


What's next? Transposing this video to Daz3D, of course! Under Daz3D Studio, it is possible to animate in 3D, but the animation is much longer and more difficult to achieve:

  • The composition itself, to find decor, character. You can stop there and post a picture.
  • But it's even more beautiful when the image is animated. So it takes a long time to tune motion.
  • Finally, we have to generate the video, and beware of computer time to generate thousands of images (the rendering), for one minute of video at 30 frames/second = 1800 rendered images...

Finally, here is the result, with sound!